Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree!


The guys with our trees!


This year we decided to check out a new farm to grab our tree and we drove out to the middle of no where to check out Foxfire Christmas Tree Farm! The farm was so cute and the mountains backdropped the fields of trees. They had an awesome selection and lots of different kinds of trees. I really wanted a Douglas Fir this year (we always had them growing up) and we got a little 6ft tree. All the trees were pruned so Michael trolled around for what seemed like forever trying to find a tree that hadn't been pruned. He loves the imperfect trees. We found the perfect one! Emily and Matthew came with us this year too and got a tree. Emily met us on her way back from a show in Harrisonburg and when she showed up we realized that we had worn super similar outfits - gave me a good laugh. It was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny. As I write this Michael is currently stringing the tree with way too many lights (literally hundreds!). 

Happy Holidays!!