Goodbye 2017

A little fun fact about me is when I graduated college I had no idea what I was going to do; I didn't have a job lined up, I was moving back home and I watched as others seemed to take off into the new "adult world." While I was confident I'd eventually find a job (life always works out) I needed something to keep me occupied and working towards a goal. I decided to do something that has changed my life for the better:

I challenged every belief I've ever had, every fiber of my being, every essential truth I held close to myself, challenged it. I wanted to deeply understand what I believe to be true and not float through life with other people's morals and beliefs filling space in my head.

It's been three years since then but I've become a better, stronger and more confident person because of it. I ended up getting a job a few months after graduation and all that jazz but I've continued to work towards this goal and it's really transformed my life. 2017 has been a year, that's for sure. While nothing particularly substantial has happened, I've done a lot of growing as a person. A big thing for me is I've let go of labels that everyone else had given me throughout my life and just started to just be me, Jess. I'm so deeply grateful for the amazing friends and family I have, and especially Michael, and that I get to call them my support system. For someone who hasn't always been the greatest with people, sometimes I'm so surprised at the number of friendships I've been able to foster and keep over the years.

So, while I won't be missing 2017 at all (and really looking forward to 2018), I'm thankful that I had a solid year to grow as a person.

Love you all!