Devil's Knob Overlook


The other day my brother and I went out to Wintergreen Resort to go snowboarding. Before hitting the slopes we stopped by Devil's Knob Overlook to see the mountains covered in snow. Unfortunately, while snowboarding I hit a bad patch of ice (ugh damn you east coast slopes) and absolutely slammed my tailbone into the ground.... which was covered in ice. I was fine, but it definitely hurt and I didn't want to keep snowboarding for fear that I would injure myself a few days before our vacation to Stowe Mountain. I asked my brother if he'd be okay leaving a little bit earlier than anticipated and of course he didn't care. We noticed that the sun had already set but we peeled off our gear and jumped in the car to race to the overlook one last time before leaving. We ended up watching the last of the color fade from the sky. The sky was full of clouds and oh my gosh, the colors faded into the most beautiful neon colors reflecting off all the clouds low in the sky! After watching the colors fade we headed back home. 

If you're ever in the Wintergreen area I highly recommend stopping by this outlook. It's easily accessible from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Also, if you want to do a hike that incorporates this outlook check out this hike.The coordinates for the outlook are 37.915806, -78.958108.

I mentioned before I was headed to Stowe for vacation and we leave tomorrow! I'm super excited to not only be in Vermont for the first time ever, but to also explore a little bit of Boston, MA and also to snowboard on real, powdery, fluffy SNOW!!