Camping at Spy Rock


Camping at Spy Rock is a super easy overnight backpacking trip. Up to the summit is a short 1.5 miles (although it is straight uphill). One you're at the campground there is plenty of space for tents and the summit is a 360 degree view of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains (and one of my favorites in Virginia). I highly recommend this hike for a sunrise, sunset, or just in general... seriously the views are great. Our trip was particularly windy and cold with wind gusts up to 40mph and temperatures down in the low 30s. Regardless, the fall foliage was at the "peakiest" that it was going to be and it was a fun overnight trip!

This would be a great weekend trip for anyone, first timer backpackers, those with kiddos or just someone looking to get away! Start on Friday afternoon and hike up to Spy Rock, watch the sunset then head to bed. The next day you could explore along the Appalachian Trail or hike down to Crabtree Falls. That night you could watch another sunset before packing up and heading out the next day!

I get so many questions about backpacking... How did you get into it? How did you know what to buy? How did you pick a location? Is it hard? Recently I put out a feeler to women in Virginia about a backpacking trip next Spring. SO, I decided to throw together a trip for anyone who has wanted to go backpacking but hasn't had the opportunity or for women who just want to meet other like-minded, outdoors-lovin' individuals. I put out a feeler to women in VA on Instagram the other day and I am absolutely ecstatic about the response I've gotten from women all up and down the east coast! It's not like tons and tons of people but enough that it made it worth putting out the feeler! If you're interested as well, shoot me an email via the contact form on the left of my blog! Right now the trip is a bit packed but depending on how many girls decide to actually go there might be room for a few more!