Hiking Spy Rock


This was my second time hiking Spy Rock, the first time was during the summer right after I graduated. I've always wanted to come back again because the views were just phenomenal. I went one morning with Michael and his best friend. The hike is short but a straight uphill to the summit. Basically once you get up to the top of the rock (beware there is a bit of a scramble at the end) you have a 360 degree view of surrounding mountains and valleys. It's really beautiful. To get more info  like directions and a more thorough review click the link above. I will say that this time around it was a lot less buggy because the temperatures were significantly cooler.

After we spent the morning hiking Spy Rock, we spent the afternoon fly fishing, then Michael and I went to our favorite little restaurant for drinks and appetizers to celebrate our anniversary before meeting his parents for dinner. It was a perfect little day!
I'm super bummed whenever fall is "over." I mean, the weather is still mild and not too cold but the leaves seemed to only last for a few days! I know western VA has gotten quite a few storms and has had quite a few windy nights since the leaves have turned, which unfortunately has resulted in the trees missing a majority of their leaves all too soon. That's okay though because I'm looking forward to this winter hiking season!!