Gear Review: TurtleFur Neck Warmers

Okay this isn't much of a review because I have absolutely nothing bad to say about these things. I've been wearing them for about two years now and I LOVE THEM. I think they work so well and they look super cute. They have so many different materials, thicknesses and styles so you really can get exactly what you need for your cold-weather activity. I wear them all the time when it's cold and even when it is unbearably freezing, I'll put one on and immediately warm up. I'm not crazy about hiking in cold weather with hats because I like for my head to be cool so the neck warmer keeps me toasty. BUY ONE OF THESE NECK WARMERS! (I don't get anything if you do I'm just seriously obsessed with them) These neckwarmers are my favorite and I will always, ALWAYS love them!