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Hey everyone and welcome to Appalachian Love! I'm Jess and I originally created this blog about 6 years ago as a way to document my little hikes and adventures I was doing during my free time. Overtime it has slowly evolved into a hiking resource for Virginia and the surrounding area as well as a space where you can find candid gear reviews and resources!

With me in the pictures below is my boyfriend Michael. We’re pretty typical adventurers; we work really hard day after day to afford a few fun trips a year. Otherwise we spend our free time hiking, camping, backpacking, fly fishing and doing little road trips on weekends. We love to provide our readers with tips and tricks, gear reviews and recaps of our adventures.

Michael and I both grew up outdoors; Michael spent more time fly fishing from a very young age and I spent more time backpacking and hiking with my family. Since we’ve met we’ve been combining our two hobbies and having a blast together, from hiking in Iceland to fly fishing in Montana, we’ve gotten to grow with each other in the great outdoors.

In a nutshell, Appalachian Love is here to help you discover new places to adventure in Virginia and bring you along wherever else our feet may wander to. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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